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ALC Service Resumes Monday 12/28/2020

Dec 24, 2020 1:40:21 PM EST

Your friends at American Linehaul first and foremost wish you a wonderful holiday season. What a wild ride 2020 has been... even the end of it seemed fitting given the circumstances of this year!

We are happy to report that our stations are back to operating under normal conditions and will be ready to go when we resume operations on Monday, December 28, 2020 following the Christmas holidays.

As you can imagine, the influx of freight we received in our system caused much turmoil in all departments despite our best efforts to control these additional levels of freight.  We appreciate your patience while we tried our best to maximize the service we were able to provide to you as well as preserve the sancitity of our network. Limiting freight was a difficult decision to make - saying no to our customers is something we're not used to!

Thank you for your continued patience. Our stations and customer service department have been working around the clock to ensure that your shipments arrive at destination and that you get the answers you need.

We look forward to starting fresh on Monday and moving towards an optimistic New Year!

Happy Holidays,
American Linehaul

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