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Winter Weather Alert 2/20/19

ALERT - Feb 20, 2019 11:25:15 AM EST

**American Linehaul Winter Weather Alert**
Operational Alert for 02/20/2019 14:00

American Linehaul terminal operations and services will be affected by the Winter Weather in the Northeast. Please contact Customer Service regarding any hot shipments that you may have currently in transit to these destinations.

Station Name Code Wed 2/20/19 Last Update
BWI BWI closing at 2 pm/no Outbound 1040/20
Dulles IAD closing at 330pm/no Outbound 1035/20
Harrisbug, PA  MDT closing at 130pm/no Outbound 1350/20
Minneapolis, MN MSP closing at 1030am/no Outbound 1035/20
Omaha, NE OMA open 1050/20

Please contact American Linehaul Customer Service at 973-589-0101 with any questions. Visit for up-to-the-minute operational information on any of our terminals affected by the Winter Weather..

Thank you,
American Linehaul

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