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Online System RESTORED

ALERT - Jan 9, 2019 7:14:32 AM EST

January 21, 2019
Dear Valued Customer,

As you are aware, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 9, 2019, American Linehaul’s software provider suffered a ransomware hacking attack. This attack was severe and rendered our internal database useless and took our entire online system offline for nearly a week.

On Wednesday, January 15, we were very happy to announce that our internal system has been restored. However, at that time, various processes required additional attention and additional time to restore. American Linehaul's online booking and tracking platform and the EDI platform were among the items on that list.

We are pleased to announce that effective 11:30 PM EST on Monday, 1/21/19, the online booking and tracking systems have been fully restored. Our EDI system has been approximately half restored and we look forward to bringing that 100% live in the coming days.

For the first week of this outage, we were working off of an alternate database and realize that it has brought certain difficulties to your operations. The additional week without the online logins brought definitive challenges for both our own company as well as our customer base; the modern day reliance on technology is real.

We fully appreciate the loyalty and patience that our valued customer base has shown us throughout this challenging last week. Your words of support and wisdom have not gone unheard and we will not forget how much we have appreciated them.

The team at American Linehaul is happy to move forward from this challenge and would like to say Thank You for standing by us through this time.
Beth Vartuli
Executive Vice President
American Linehaul

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